The effect of admixtures on the quality of aerated concrete blocks


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In the production process of aerated concrete blocks, there are many external additives used, and the effects are also different. Some customers also add additives according to the capacity of the production line to improve the quality of the aerated concrete blocks in order to improve the quality of the aerated concrete blocks. When it comes to admixtures, customers who know about them will not be unfamiliar with them. They play a key role in ensuring the quality of the finished blocks produced in the production line of aerated concrete equipment.


1. Additives that adjust the setting time and hardening performance of concrete. including retarder, early strength agent and accelerator.

2. Admixtures that improve the durability of concrete. including air entraining agent, waterproofing agent and rust inhibitor.

3. Additives that improve the rheological properties of concrete mixtures. including various water reducing agents, air entraining agents, and pumping agents.

4. Additives that improve other properties of concrete. including gas-adding agent, expansion agent, antifreeze agent, coloring agent, adhesive, and alkali-aggregate reaction inhibitor. The effect of admixtures on concrete blocks has been widely applied in road, port, airport, base and barracks construction, and has achieved good results.


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