How to ensure the quality of aerated concrete blocks before leaving the factory?


图片 2.pngNowadays, the market for aerated concrete block building materials is becoming increasingly competitive. How can we make our products stand out? In fact, the best method is to conduct relevant inspections on aerated concrete blocks before they leave the factory. SUMU Automation will list a few items here for everyone to understand:


The items for factory inspection include: dimensional deviation, appearance, cube compressive strength, and dry bulk density.


1. For blocks of the same variety, specification, and grade, 10000 blocks are considered as a batch, and less than 10000 blocks are also considered as a batch. 50 blocks are randomly selected for dimensional deviation and appearance inspection. When there are no more than 5 products that do not meet the corresponding level, it is judged that the size deviation and appearance inspection results of the batch of blocks meet the corresponding level. Otherwise, the inspection results of this batch of blocks do not meet the corresponding level.


2. Randomly select blocks from the aerated concrete blocks that have passed the dimensional deviation and appearance inspection, and make 3 sets of test pieces for cube compressive strength inspection. Determine the strength level according to Table 4 by comparing the average of 3 sets with the minimum average of 1 set. Make three sets of test specimens for dry bulk density inspection, and determine their bulk density level based on the average of the three sets. When the relationship between strength and bulk density level meets the requirements of Table 3, the batch of blocks is judged to meet the corresponding level. Otherwise, it will be downgraded or judged as unqualified.


Quality manual, stacking and transportation of aerated concrete block products


1. Factory products should have product quality instructions. The manual should include: manufacturer name, trademark, product mark, main technical performance of this batch of products, and production date.


2. The blocks should be stored for at least 5 days before leaving the factory. The storage and stacking of building blocks should be done in a smooth and level manner, with markings of the same variety, specification, and grade, neat and secure, and should have rainproof measures.


3. When transporting products, it is advisable to bundle them in piles or have other packaging. Thermal insulation products must be bundled and wrapped with plastic film. When transporting and loading and unloading, special tools should be used, and it is strictly prohibited to drop, throw, or dump trucks.


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